Danielle and David

A beautiful garden wedding under a Jacaranda tree. After Danielle and David's legal ceremony the new couple and their 5 children each offered their own cord to be tied together with a collective promise to be a loving, committed and caring member of this family kill circle.
A 'family kill circle' is a term that comes from the movie The Croods and means to stand shoulder to shoulder and back to back. That each person is protected within the circle- 14 eyes are better than two. So with 7 hands stacked, 7 individual promises made and 7 cords this beautiful new family 'tied the knot.
Danielle and David
With a promise tho respect the other as they respect themselves.
I promise..............
....as my lawfully wedded wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
It was a long kiss.
Smiles and laughter.
....or is it
The family ceremony is about to begin
Kill circle.jpg
7 Hands stacked ready to bind their promises together.
This new family have now tied the knot. All seven of them.
lets get mum and dad.
I can't see the flowers but she will reach them.
The new family.
Even brides and grooms need shades sometimes.
Congratulations Danielle and David.
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