Michelle and Michael

Pagan handfasting at Castle Rumble
Michael, Michelle and their daughters.
Beautiful Michelle.
Michelle arrives at the castle in style.
Yes our Bride has arrived
Anointing the Bride.
Anointing the Groom.
Spring is here.
Flower Maidens calling in their ancestors
Reading along while the Flower Maidens call the Passed Ones'a
Calling Air
Calling Earth
Calling fire.
Calling water.
Candle ceremony.
One flame.
Promises with each knot.
Michelle and Michael consecrated their own cord before the cerem
Jumping the bessom and cicle.
Signing the registry.
Say cheese.
The Buganey family.
Fantasy kiss.
Triqetra cake :-)
Beautiful even when trying to be sinister.
First dance.
I love my work. This was a fun wedding.
Castle Rumble.
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