About Me

Empowering people unto themselves

To Belinda and part of her tradition you are what your community calls you and by this Belinda has been called a Shaman, Priestess, Witch, Mystic and more and simply calls herself 'Ceremony Woman' for the purpose of this work. She is here to assist you in any way that is true to you and your culture, spirituality, deity and anything else you come up with.  She knows many chants and songs that she uses in her ceremonies and hopes to add guitar and flute to her ceremony skills.  Whether you would like something traditional or totally unique, formal or casual, we can design your ceremony together. 

Belinda has been committed to volunteering and grassroots community work for over 7 years of the past 10. Being first generation Australian and raised Roman Catholic has gained her awareness and personal experiences from a very young age of the cultural and spiritual diversity we live in. She is a Civil Marriage Celebrant offering bespoke weddings and funerals to assist the growing multicultural needs of the wider community. She performs ceremony in both the basic secular, shamanic or otherwise.

In 2008 and completing in 2009 she attended the In-service Development Training Program in Interfaith Understanding and Dialogue at Griffith University’s Multifaith Centre. During this training it became obvious to her that when differences are shared and explained we can develop true meaningful understanding between the faiths and cultures.

Belinda was interviewed and co-authored a submission for the Human Rights Commission discussion on Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st century. By invitation she also attended the Interfaith Summit for Peace and Harmony in Australia & the Asia-Pacific Region 2009 as a Pagan Delegate where spiritual leaders co-produced a submission petitioning the Australian Government for environmental and social justice changes. Later that year sponsored by the community group she works in also attended Parliament of World Religions as a Pagan Delegate encouraging her that many faiths and cultures can work together developing a global culture of peace.

Belinda's personal path has been wide and varied. Many years of training and working with Shamanic Reiki Master Brother Brett Fairbairn and is a Reiki Master Teacher herself. In 2002 Belinda also completed Reiki apprentice style with Rebekah Joy attending gatherings and learning circle work.  Much of this work was learnt and practiced in shamanic ceremony. During this time she performed house cleansing, worked with people one on one as well as teaching others along the way.  Belinda has completed Advanced Shamanic training With Deva Daricha Co-founder of the Human Transformation Center. She completed Priestess training with The Sisters of Nepthys in 2007 and when community building opportunities presented them self to her she began to work more publicly. First Serving as Vice President of the Queensland branch of Pagan Awareness Network and held Pagan Hearth study groups from home. She later was founder and inaugural President of Pagan Hearth Inc community group and later Co-President of The Goddess Association.  Through LifeLine she is trained in Crisis Counselling and uses these skills to quickly ground issues and is a fast problem solver. Belinda uses Tarot cards for personal use and teaches them as a personal oracle and counselling tool. At the age of seven Belinda was hit and run over by a car... from her perspective she crossed over to a place she calls "LOVE" and is still connected to this energy / frequency.  There is more to the above making Belinda eclectic in her ways leaving her beliving in the Lore's of Nature and all that that could mean.

Being a lover of Nature Belinda leans towards natural remedies, and describes her massage as a "body tune up". She has a diploma in Raynor Technique (2005), which is an intuitive mix of many massage styles including, reflexology, acupressure. aromatherapy and more. Ongoing development of homesteading skills compliment her love of Nature and are a physical effort to live more naturally as a free human.

Belinda has also been developing the skill of tattooing for the purpose of ritual during healing and personal development ceremonies.  Her crafty skills come from having an evolving imagination and she also enjoys occasionally lamp-working (glass bead making) and pottery. She has been a Viking re-enactor for 5 years and belly-dances to keep fit. 

All the while Belinda's greatest 'love work' has been raising two young men. She is proud of them for many reasons, one being they are independent critical thinkers. 

'Think globally – act locally' is a motto Belinda adopted and continues to work at the grassroots level as a Shamanic Priestess. 

This Tattoo was performed for Linda the day after her husband's funeral. It's the same as the tattoo he wore  on his right hand. It's meaning refers to peace and was Malcolm's way of sharing peace with every hand shake. 

It is both an honour and humbling to share with people and families as they move through the changing phases of being human.

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