The Last Rite of Passage

The circle of life on this mortal coil also includes the final rite of passage, a funeral. 

Whether your needs are for a basic funeral service or a full spiritual ceremony from point of death to internment, Belinda is a Celebrant and  Shamanic Priestess with over 10 years experience in ceremony to ensure all of your ceremony needs are met for your loved one's passing.  

 "What to do first?" and "Writing the Eulogy" help pages links are above.  



All ceremonies will have these basic elements. Some differences may apply for a graveside ceremony though most ceremonies will be performed inside the funeral home's chapel. All basic ceremonies are bespoke and tailored to honour your loved one.  Often a family member will write and read the eulogy however you may like someone to write it for you. There is a link above called "Writing the Eulogy" which may be helpful if you are not familiar.

These are the stages in a ceremony. Some of these stages are not favoured by all and can be left out.

  • Welcoming Music or video compilation.
  • Welcoming by Celebrant.
  • Eulogy - Often by a family member or friend or by Celebrant.
  • Reading - Often a poem or short story for reflection.
  • Tributes - Family and friends.
  • Special Tribute - Often the person closest to the deceased. 
  • Reflection - Often with music and a photo compilation.
  • Offerings - Family and friends are invited to place an item or a token amount of dirt with their loved one.
  • Reflection poem or prayer.
  • Committal - this will be decided by either burial or cremation. 
  • Farewell music or DVD.     

spiritual cut.jpg                                                                                    SPIRITUAL or RELIGIOUS CEREMONY

This is something a little more personal that will include the faith of the deceased. A Religious person may have their ceremony held in a Church or a Temple however this may not be desired yet there may still be a desire to honour the deceased faith. Special prayers and some Religious practices can still be performed at a funeral home. 

Belinda has been trained in Religious sensitivity and will convey your spiritual needs with dignity and respect.  We can set up an altar with items of the deceased faith and incense, or sing hymns, or read from their sacred book.  There are many ways to meet these needs. Belinda also specialises in using universal non denominational yet spiritual  language. Please do not hesitate to call for more information.


To some this is also called a Pagan practice. To some it will be important that we "collect and release" their soul and some will only desire a Blessing of the Body, which has a purification element.  One or both of these ceremonies may be required for your needs and will be followed usually on a later day by the Funeral Rite.

Releasing Ritual

This is a shamanic ritual with the intent to ensure the deceased's soul is complete and whole and ready for the next phase of life. It is performed privately as soon as possible after death and when possible performed during the act of dying.  Sacred space is created however is very different to a Pagan circle and specific for releasing a soul perfect and complete as the first spark it was created from.  (This portion of a funeral ceremony is costs only)

Blessing The Body

This is sometimes called a Purification Ceremony and may be performed with the help of the deceased closest loved one(s). Purification is also part of the releasing ceremony however will be performed here if not done in a releasing ceremony.  Some may choose to only have this as the only preparation ceremony. We will wash the body and anoint each part. Specific blessings are given to each part and the body is dressed ready for the next phase. (This portion of a funeral ceremony is costs only)

The Funeral Rite

This ceremony will be bespoke designed to meet both the faith of the deceased and to the environment where the funeral will be held.   A garden funeral will allow for attendees to gather in a circle however this is not always possible and can be easily adapted for use in a chapel or for at graveside. It will have many of the same stages of a basic funeral however performed in Sacred Circle, Elements called, Deity or Universe called and conducted in a way as closely as possible to the deceased's ways.

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