Within the wedding ceremony most couples have the traditional ring exchanging ritual. You may also like to include many number of other uniting rituals such as the ones below. There are many other lovely possibilities we could come up with that are apt to your faith, hobbies or anything really. We will design your wedding ceremony your way ~ it's your special day.


CANDLES Often three candles are used on the altar. The Bride and Groom have a lit candle on each side and use them to light the center candle together signifying two flames have now become one.

A Unity Candle Ceremony can be done in different ways and have different meanings for each couple. For some it may just be the symbols of joining two flames into a single flame symbolizing unity. For others they may like to have their candle ceremony as a sacred candle ritual from their own spirituality or tradition. This may be a time to create a new tradition. For some this may involve working with the individual candles in the engagement period and then with the unity candle during the marriage. Some may design a long term ritual with their unity candle like; lighting it once a year to revisit their vows or simply a special candle to have anniversary dinners. The simplicity or deep meaning of a a unity candle ceremony and any level in between is highly individual.


WINE There are many variations of this tradition including a piece of toast added to the wine with blessings of good fortune. This is where giving a 'toast' comes from. However these days most couples skip the actual toast and will pour from two separate carafes into one glass and then the couple share from the one glass symbolising they will share their blessings.


SAND During the ceremony the Bride and Groom pour different coloured sand into a glass jar to show their two lives are now mixed together as one. Couples with children may choose to include an extra portion of sand for each child to include them symbolising the mixing of families.

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