Other Ceremonies

Baby Naming ~ Commitment ~ Engagement ~ Vow Renewal ~ Vow Release

All ceremonies will be presented with a decorative copy of the ceremony script for your momento.


baby_feet_-_Copy.jpgBABY NAMING CEREMONY

A Baby Naming Ceremony is a way of honoring your baby coming into this world.  A time for special people in your baby’s life to come together at the beach, park or anywhere you like.  This is also a time to choose life sponsors (like god parents) that are committed to your baby’s wellbeing to be a part of your baby's ceremony.  A special naming certificate will be presented for keepsakes.

A Naming Ceremony can also be performed for anyone who has a new name at any age.




Love and commitment comes in many forms. Here in Queensland same sex couples may be legaly joined in a Civil Union at the Registry office.  Keeping the legals in mind you and your partner may like to also have a standard (or as unusual as you like) ceremony with your family and friends in the regular loving and traditional fashion.  Your commitment ceremony may look like a traditional wedding or any ceremony you choose. You will receive  all of the personal attention required for a Civil Ceremony.


a900146-infinity_symbol_computer_artwork-spl.jpgPOLY FIDELITY CEREMONY

Once again love and commitment comes in many forms and people who have long term fidelous poly relationships may also choose to commit in ceremony their love and fidelity to each other. A unique ceremony can be crafted for your purpose. Poly relationships can not be legally joined by a marriage celebrant however it would be my pleasure to provide your ceremonial needs for your special day.



Engagements are a promise of hand to marry. This is sometimes done in a ceremonial contract form like a wedding or handfasting.  For some it is simply a “promise to be yours” ritual and for some it might be a commitment for a specific time period or pre-wedding vows. 


renewal__2_.jpgVOW RENEWAL

At any stage in your relationship you may like to renew your vows.  A special time to re-confirm your love or a time of  re-evaluation to include different vows in your marriage. This is an opportunity to include your children or grandchildren in your special ceremony.


release.jpgVOW RELEASE

Sometimes in life we need to make the tough decision to walk away from our vows.  It is very healing for a couple or the individual to perform a vow releasing ceremony. A fire is sometimes used to symbolise burning away what you no longer need in your life.  To declare in ceremony to each other, just yourself or the powers you believe in that these vows are no longer binding. This process frees the mind and body and helps in the process of releasing and moving forward.

This ceremony can have a profound effect on ones life.  Not only can we realease our selves from the obvious vows we have taken. We can also free ourselves from other strong words of commitment that linger in our hearts and minds.  Sometimes in life we commit to other things we have said in the heat of anger or passion for example that may also need to be released from ones spirit. This ceremony can be done in a group with other people or alone and it would be my pleasure to assist you through ceremony to cut away from your life that which is no longer needed. 






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