Rites of Passage

~ Personal stages of life ~

Along the path of life we pass through the many cycles from babe to child to adult and so forth.  Just like a baby naming ceremony or a wedding are part of maturation from one stage to the next, so are many others.

Some rites of passage are suitable for only females or only males. There are more rites of passage than I offer here,  however these are two important milestones to honour. If you are male you will need to seek out a male to officiate for men's rites of passage.  Being a time to honour the female or male it is appropriate that the ceremony also be facilitated by the same gender.

Both of these ceremonies are offered in two parts minimum. A consultation to detail what your needs are for this ceremony be they spiritual or celebrational. From there we will design together what is needed for the day.

For Maidens Rites of Passage a separate day before hand is set aside for personal growth exploration through meditation and any other way that is designed for her special ceremony day.  This is a great personal development day for both Mother and Daughter.

There is much more to this and I look forward to your enquiry.



maiden.jpg~ Coming of Age ~   Maiden

This is honouring when a girl is becoming a woman. This special day of ceremony is a woman's only circle to celebrate a young woman's maturation and is usually shortly after menses has begun.  All of the females in a girls life are invited to join her and share in being female. Especially Grandmothers and other women of wisdom and aspiration. It is benificial to a young woman's self awareness to recognise her changes.  All ceremonies are personalised, however there will be story time from the older ladies and we will create a safe space for the young girl to ask any questions about being a woman. 


mother.jpg~ Pregnancy ~   Mother

Giving birth, particularly a first pregnancy is one of the most life changing experiences a woman will have. In ceremony we will honour this cycle in a woman's life. Invite all of your female friends and relatives for a women only circle.  Women are encouraged to share their stories of womanhood and birth.  A time to share and honour being a mother and a woman.


   ~ CRONING COMING SOON ~ Post Menopause. 

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