The Eulogy ~ Tips for writing and reading.


A eulogy speech is specific to a funeral and talks about the deceased life. It is most often written and read by a family member or close friend. It will include the basics of their life where and when they were born, where they lived in their life, who they were children of and if they had them of their husband or wife and any children or grandchildren.

It will need to have a beginning, middle and end though it doesn't need to be a literary piece, it is more important that it comes from the heart. If you are writing the eulogy talk with family members and other friends and share some stories that could be written in. It should be a reflection of their life and include other things like favorite sayings, funny habits, their achievements, what they will be remembered for, what you will miss the most. It's okay to be sad and it's okay to be funny - these are both aspects of life and the eulogy is a time of reflection. If you are the one reading the eulogy remember that it is okay for you to be grieving too and pause if you need to.

Sometimes for whatever reason assistance with writing the eulogy is required. If you choose Circle Ceremonies let Belinda know and during her home visit she can get what information is required as well as a few other family or friends to contact details so she can be thorough. During these difficult times we don't like to burden others however in most cases, even when a person is grieving it is their pleasure to play their small part and help with the eulogy. 

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