What to do first?

Give Belinda the Funeral Services contact details.

Greenhaven Funeral Services


If you have not already, you will need to plan what funeral service company you wish to use. With them you will decide on things like a casket and whether your choice is burial or cremation. The Funeral Director will help you make the practical decisions you need to make and most will assist you in creating an "Order of Service" booklet to place your loved one's photo on as well as any personal message or poem.

When you have decided to use Circle Ceremonies services give Belinda's details to the funeral director and she will liaise with them to ensure the practical side of the ceremony are taken care of for you. We know what to do and will perform all of the practical organising for you.

Belinda will come to you, either in your home or meet you at the funeral home to decide what type of ceremony and discuss the personal elements of the ceremony.  

For the day of the funeral

Celebrating a loved one's life can be one of the hardest things to do. Remembering them on their funeral day can be expressed during a funeral service in many ways. Here is a list to consider. Remember that these items will help you and the deceased loved ones grieve with their happy memories. Celebrating their life. 

  • DVD's of photo slide show
  • DVD of the deceased set to music
  • DVD of the deceased playing music
  • A few of their favorite songs for the ceremony
  • Photos in frames
  • Photo collage
  • Artwork they have done
  • Their favorite art
  • Sporting equipment (don't forget to let their sports mates know)
  • Musical instruments
  • Their favorite thing : scotch, cigarettes, mangoes, whatever
  • Pets (check with funeral services guidelines)

Greenhaven Funeral Services

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