Weddings ~ Your first step

Congratulations, your first legal step will be to file a (NOIM) Notice of Intention to Marry form with your chosen Celebrant. I can help you fill in your NOIM form however I have resigned from the legal process as i feel what I do and who I am has nothing to do with the government and are matters of spirit and are soul deep. I offer an obligation free consultation when you are ready.Though meanwhile I am happy to assist you on the phone with any questions to help you understand and decide a few things along the way.

Your first step in finding a Celebrant is to find one that meets your needs.  Decide what your needs are spiritually, for family, culturally and your budget.  Contact me if you have any queries as I am very happy to assist you in creating a solemn ceremony.

Keep these few steps in mind and the rest is up to you.



  • Notice of intention to Marry must be done a minimum of one month before the wedding. Requires ID, citizenship, divorce papers and others if applicable and your two signatures of course.
  • Happily Ever After  and other information required by the AG office.
  • It is required that the Celebrant read the declarations. ie: must physically hold and read from the script.
  • Two witnesses over 18.
  • Everyone present must be able to hear the vows and legal declaration.
  • Vows must be included. (they are the choice of the couple).
  • The legal declaration made by the Celebrant during the ceremony.
  • Signatures of the bride, groom and witnesses.
  • Lodging with AG office is also the Celebrants responsibility leaving you free to celebrate on the day with ease of mind.

You may then apply to Births Deaths and Marriages for your registered version of your marriage certificate. 



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